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About us

„ Everybody knows that certain things can not be achieved, until somebody comes, unaware of this and implements them. The biggest mistake is what we can make is if we don’t do anything because we believe we can do only a little.

We did it! We have created a product originating from own experiences!

We love honey, nature and we preserve our health.

Our previously collected ideas were followed by a constant research work, which resulted in a non-sticky, semi-solid, organic material based and full of natural vitamins product, the SunyBee.

After creating a honey-based drink sweetener for tea and coffee, we have created desserts for gourmets and quality lovers, in addition we would like to celebrate with You at Christmas, on the holiday of love, in the form of our fondant candy product. At the sime time, in order to protect our and our children’s health we have combined our simple drink sweetener with herbal extracts.

Our organic ingredients (honey) guarantee naturalness, our technology assures the preservation of nutritive values (vitamins, minerals, etc.) and our packing technique provides protection against any pathogens and a comfortable and easy way of use.