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SunyBee: the gift from nature

Try out the products of SunyBee that were created in bio quality by nature, and we have found a highly-developed technology, which makes this gift enjoyable for You.

Our products produced without heat treatment fully preserve their quality, the contents of vitamins and mineral subtances, yet they can be enjoyed without the unpleasant fluidity and stickiness.

Enriched with bio honey, our tea-, coffee and drink flavouring SunyBee product contains pure natural and herbal extracts and comprises in full measure natural substances.

The SunyBee dessert is an excellent gift for Your loved ones, and even your business partners since the flavour combination of chocolate and its fruit content (walnut) and honey provides unforgettable moments to those who were gifted.

Our easy packaging technique guarantees a protection against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens until the moment of usage.